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Actually, very little effort on your part. Just sit back and allow us to do the work of promoting event awareness, as well as preparing employees for one of the most meaningful journeys of their lives. We provide everything your team needs to succeed, including:

Onsite Orientations: You provide the space and our expert Ride Guides do all the rest.

Posters and Flyers for Common Areas: We prepare and deliver materials to help spread the word for your team.

Company-Specific Marketing Materials: We’ll prepare marketing materials specifically tailored to your needs, including employee emails, intranet mentions, newsletters and event calendars.

To start your own Corporate Team of Riders, click here.

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Encourage Team Building: Morale will sky rocket as employees train and fundraise together for a common cause. Or initiate a healthy competition amongst employees by encouraging individual departments to form their own teams and vie internally for the honour of “Most Successful Fundraising Team!”

Promote Health & Well-Being of Employees: Studies show that persons who practice proper nutrition and exercise regularly tend to stave off illness and are generally more productive.

Raise Corporate Visibility in the Community: The hard work and motivation of employees will be seen as a goodwill gesture within the local community and will also translate to an increased awareness of your company.

Make a Significant Mark in the Fight Against Cancer: Your efforts will support cancer research, technology and treatment, as well as help to develop programs and services for cancer survivors and their families.


Find all the tools you’ll need in this section. Check back often as we will be adding more resources for you!

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