Training Rides – We organise volunteer-led training rides of varying lengths and difficulties, designed for people of all fitness levels. You can get in shape while meeting Riders in your neighbourhood. There is a whole community of fellow Riders with which you can connect. You can start to make some lifelong friends while getting ready for an epic journey. Remember, everyone else who has registered for The Ride is in the same situation as you. They may not be ready now, but they will be with regular training and our help. To RSVP for the next training ride in your area, visit our training calendar section below.

Training Materials – Once you SIGN UP for The Ride, you’ll also receive a manual to learn about proper nutrition and track your training progress. And finally, you can always call your Ride Guide with any questions about training. They’ll be able to provide you with one-on-one advice and guidance to ensure achievement of your goals.


Download our suggested guidelines to help keep track of your weekly workouts, kilometres cycled, hours per week on your bike and cross-training activities. Remember, these kilometre guidelines are an ideal plan. If you can’t fit all of this into your schedule, don’t be discouraged! Your training will improve quite a bit just by doing as much as you can when you can. Again, consistency is the key to proper training. The more you train, the more you’ll enjoy The Ride.


Stretching regularly before and after your training rides and workouts will help attain and maintain flexibility. This will have tremendous payoffs for you during The Ride – muscle pain, stiffness, injuries and fatigue will all be lessened. Download our TIPS AND TRAINING ON HOW TO STRETCH. Those stretches should be incorporated into your weekly training schedule now.


Take advantage of the exclusive discounts offered by our Training Partners to 2017 MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer®participants.

The Local Spokesman

The Local Spokesman (previously The Spin Doctor) is offering 20% off all bicycle maintenance for our Riders this year. Working everywhere from Yanchep to Mandurah, TLS will help you maintain your bike to the highest standard. Contact Kyle now to get your bike ready for your training rides, and of course your 200km journey in October.

 0432 648 545

Home of Yoga

Anyone who is participating in the 2017 MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer has access to one free class a week.

For all class times, class types and venue visit or contact:


You Can Do FIT

Participants of the Ride receive 25% off a 10 FIT membership, which gives you access to any 10 training sessions, including their Outdoor Spin classes. Check out their website at and use the promo code PRCC2017 to receive this offer!

Leanne Novatscou

 0433 825 061

Moments For You Massage

Participants of the Ride 2017 receive $20 off massages at Moments For You Massage – Natural Pain Relief Clinic. As a practitioner in The Emmett Technique, Nicola Filardi can help you reach peak physical condition for the Ride. Located in Tapping WA 6065, appointments are available most evenings and are open Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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